Videos feature past winners of Meaford Dragons

2019 marks the 11th year of Meaford Dragons. Time flies when you're slaying dragons. Here are four of our top dragon slayers from years past.

Meaford Dragons 2009 - Meredith Cowan, Meredith's Ginger Syrup

Meaford Dragons 2009. Meredith Cowan wowed the Dragons and the audience with Meredith's Ginger Syrup, and emerged as the big winner, capturing $2,750 in Dragon money, an additional $1,500 from a Dragon that decided to spend over the minimum guaranteed amount and a three-year, interest free $10,000 loan from one of the Dragons.

Meaford Dragons 2010 - Nicholas Schaut, Bighead Hops

Meaford Dragons 2015 - Candice Ruhl Designs

Candice and Michael Ruhl received $3,950 in cash from the dragons for a total of $17,525 in cash and prizes. Their business, Candice Ruhl Designs offers unique handcrafted sterling silver jewelry.

Meaford Dragons 2016 - Russ Ellis, CTRE Productions

CTRE Productions Russ Ellis took home big prizes at Meaford Dragons 2016 with a unique approach to video production and streaming services.

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