Call for video appearances by former Meaford Dragons contestants

The Bruce Grey Simcoe Regional Tourism Organization has awarded the Meaford Chamber of Commerce match funding to produce a professional marketing video, to be posted on numerous regional tourism platforms, to include Youtube, the Chamber website, played during future Dragons, and various social media sites. It will also be available for your business website.

The aim of the video is threefold: to promote Meaford Dragons, Tourism in the Municipality of Meaford, and the diverse range of businesses that call Meaford home.

The final video will be about 60 seconds long, of which approximately 32 seconds will be dedicated to recognizing a broad range of businesses that have participated in, and profited from, the Dragons event. Each business will be allocated about 3-4 seconds. The remaining half of the video will be composed of shots from the 2019 Dragons event, to be held at the Meaford Hall and Cultural Centre Wednesday 30 October 2019. All business vignette video shooting will occur on the same day, to be coordinated with the producer once the storyboard have been confirmed. We are expecting filming to occur mid-October, ideally when the trees are in full colour for outdoor shots.

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Because the video will concurrently market Dragons, Meaford tourism, and your business, applicants are asked to submit at least one and, where appropriate, two video shoot ideas: one in the case of pleasant weather that includes outdoor vistas, and one for inclement weather. Filming will not occur outdoors in the rain. Due to the nature of some businesses, outdoor filming will not be suitable in all cases.

The video filming schedule will be tightly coordinated. Selected applicants will be required to adhere to the approved shoot plan, once confirmed by the producer. The final video will have a music sound track, so the shoot plans must be based on visuals only. To enable the selection committee and producer to fully understand your idea, submit one digital photo of the shoot site. Each vignette will be accompanied with on-screen text identifying the business, owner, and possibly, the business logo. High resolution business logos are to be provided digitally to the Meaford Chamber of Commerce office with the application (e-mail, USB stick, etc in ai, EPS, PDF, or PSD).

Further filming details can be found at:

All completed applications and supporting photos must be received by the Meaford Chamber of Commerce office by 12:00 noon Wednesday 21 August 2019. Selected applicants will be notified by 28 August 2019, at which time a payment of $175 (includes HST) must be paid to the Chamber, received no later than Friday 06 September 2019. A coordination meeting will be subsequently scheduled with all participants and the producer. A filming release will also need to be signed before shooting begins.

Priority will be given to current Meaford Chamber of Commerce members. All relevant safety equipment and clothing must be worn during filming.

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