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Meaford Dragons 2023 Application Package

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The Meaford Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to present the 15th annual production of Meaford Dragons at the Meaford Hall. With the hilarious and ever-so-edgy Adrienne Fish as your host on Thursday November 9th, this year's event promises to be bigger and even more exciting than ever. Modeled after the popular CBC television program, Meaford Dragons is a unique spinoff event that has kick-started many local businesses since its inception thirteen years ago. This event has assisted over 65 new Meaford new and expanding Meaford businesses with over $300,000 in cash and prizes, all injected into our local economy since 2009.

The show sees five new and expanding Meaford business entrepreneurs make their pitches to five local Dragons for their share of cash, prizes, and business opportunities. Get your business under the spotlight and earn cash, prizes, and amazing business mentoring opportunities from established successful business owners.

In the following pages you will find the details about how to apply to be a contestant on Meaford Dragons and the criteria for the selection. If you have any questions or require any additional information please contact the Chamber of Commerce.

Meaford Chamber of Commerce
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Meaford Chamber of Commerce

Meaford Dragons 2023 Criteria for Applicants

Submissions (please read carefully)

Eligibility Criteria

  • All potential new businesses are eligible to apply to the Dragon Event, based on the commitment that, should they win, they will operate their business within the Municipality of Meaford regardless of where they reside.
  • All expansions of existing businesses are also eligible, so long as the expansion takes place within the Municipality of Meaford.
  • Franchises are not eligible.

How to Apply: All Dragon Event applications forms are available for pick-up from the office at the Meaford Chamber of Commerce or can be downloaded and printed from

Submission Deadline: All applications must be received by the Meaford Chamber of Commerce no later than Thursday, October 5th, 2023, at 12:00PM. Applications must be completed in full and received before the deadline to be eligible for consideration, and must include a 2-3 page Report describing your new or expanding business (Details provided in the Application Form below).

The complete business plan will be due to the Meaford Chamber office by Thursday October 19th, 2023, at 12:00PM. Additional application guidance is provided within this document.

A selection committee will then meet to select the Dragon Event contestants from the eligible applications received. This selection process will include a telephone interview.

Supplemental Documentation: In addition to the Application Form, applicants are encouraged to provide any other supporting documentation that they feel will enhance the selection committee's understanding of their business proposal and its likelihood of future success (i.e. full business plan if already made, audio/visual material, etc). The selection committee cannot guarantee the return of any submitted materials, and it is recommended that original copies of submitted materials be retained by the applicant.

Workshops: Before the full Business Plan submission deadline, all potential contestants (and Meaford business owners) are encouraged to take advantage of a free workshop offered by the Meaford Chamber of Commerce and our partners. This will assist you in preparing your business plan and presenting your ideas to the Dragons. The date for this workshop will be published on the Meaford Chamber of Commerce Website when it is available.

 Successful Applicants: For those applicants selected to be contestants on Meaford Dragons, there are additional deliverables required of them. Before the event, they need to provide:

  • Five (5) copies of their presentation and supporting documentation to be distributed to the Dragons during the event. These must be prepared in advance by the applicants as there will not be an opportunity to make last minutes copies at the Meaford Hall prior to the event. Business pitches during the event are limited to 3 1/2 minutes maximum, followed by a 5-minute Q&A from the Dragons.
  • A maximum of three (3) Power Point slides to support their on-stage presentation. These slides will be incorporated into a consolidated event slide package delivered by the event staff. Any slides, audio/visual support, and a list of props that will be used as part of the presentation MUST be received by the Meaford Chamber office by Friday November 3rd, 2023, 12:00PM or their use will not be permitted during the event.


Further Requirements

  • All contestants must attend an event orientation and photo op prior to the main event. The photos will be used as part of the event pre-promotion and also in the programme booklet.
  • All prize winners MUST start operating their business PRIOR to receiving any funding awarded during the event.
  • The contestants must be at the Meaford Hall by 5:30PM Thursday 9 November, 2023.
  • All winners must collect funding from the Chamber no later than June 30, 2023. Monetary prizes will only be awarded in the form of a cheque.

Applicants must sign the application form acknowledging that they are accepting the terms and conditions outlined herein to be deemed eligible.

Meaford Dragons 2023 Application Form