Meaford is Open for Business

The Meaford Chamber of Commerce wants everyone to support our local businesses.  We hope this listing will help you access businesses that are open in the Municipality.  This is a dynamic time with things changing daily; this information will change as needed.  If you have any questions, or need any assistance please contact the...

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COVID-19 resources and links

Here are some links with valuable information, including resources for businesses and individuals during the crisis. - This is an excellent one-stop source for large-picture related information and resources for individuals, business, etc.  - A strategic coaching view of dealing with the crisis. - A Grey County resource, including recent news and updates, and...

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The Meaford Chamber of Commerce is here for you

COVID-19 has changed the world. These are obviously very difficult times for everyone as self-isolation and social distancing have become the norm. As a result, the economy is struggling and businesses worldwide are being forced to rethink their processes. The Meaford Chamber of Commerce’s mandate is to support and assist local businesses. Our office...

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WHSC’s new virtual classroom open April 15 & 16. Register Now!

WHSC's new virtual classroom open April 15 and 16. Register now! To help ensure workers and workplace representatives have ongoing access to trusted training during the COVID-19 pandemic WHSC is launching its new virtual classroom. Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) will begin by delivering legally Globally Harmonized (GHS) WHMIS training via a live...

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Canadian Survey On Business Conditions

  We've partnered up with Statistics Canada to launch the Canadian Survey on Business Conditions. This comprehensive survey will measure the impact of COVID-19 on Canadian businesses and help the Government of Canada devise strategies and mechanisms to foster the survival and continuity of businesses in Canada. The survey will examine: Changes that businesses...

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Grey County Launches Community & Business Resiliency Map

This information is sent on behalf of Grey County.  Our apologies if you should receive this communication more than once. Grey County Economic Development, Tourism & Culture cares about our business community and is looking for solutions to support you in these exceptional times.  Through our business survey we heard that you wanted a...

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