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Summer of Restaurants – The Leeky Canoe

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Would you? Could you at Leeky Canoe?

Whether you call it The Leeky Canoe, The Canoe, or The Leeky, everyone in Meaford knows what business you are talking about.   And if you have not been in there recently, you might not realize that The Leeky Canoe has new owners.   Jane and Sean have recently bought The Leeky Canoe and they agreed to sit down and talk all things Leeky.

Jane and Sean have been visiting our area for the last 15 years. They have enjoyed many meals at the Leeky Canoe throughout their visits.   When the opportunity came to own one of their favourite Meaford restaurants, it was a no brainer.

New meets old in menu items like the Hippie Bowl

Sean and Jane own other restaurants in other communities. They understand that this restaurant is all about community. They want to continue to keep Meaford at the heart of The Leeky Canoe.   The Leeky Canoe management and staff continue to listen to their customers and, respond any way possible.  They will bring in new menu items, beers, and even seasonal menu features, like their new hippie bowl. That name alone makes you curious! In an effort to respond to community requests, Sean and Jane have included the Hippie Bowl as one of their vegetarian and vegan options.

Leeky Canoe House-made items

“Back of House” Kitchen staff worked hard at finding delicious new items they hope everyone can enjoy. But do not worry if your favourite dish was a burger, their Mandori wrap, or maybe their Canoe Combo; these and other favorites will still be on the menu. The Leeky Canoe wants to continue to please  their “regulars” palates while making some minor changes. Burger patties will now be made in house, taking the classic favourite to the next level. But wait what pairs better with a burger than fries? Hand cut fries. The kitchen at The Leeky will be serving their own hand cut fries.

New & Sans-Booze on Tap

You can feel the passion when you talk to Sean and Jane about the Leeky and connecting with the communities’ changing tastes when it comes to dining out. You will find new beer features, many of them local, with a regular “feature on tap” .   Non-alcoholic bevvies are more popular than ever – and the Leeky Canoe is wetting whistles with both non-alcoholic beer and is bringing out new mocktails too.

Charity & Community begins at the Canoe

In other restaurants that Jane and Sean own, they give back to their communities with a charity donation item on their menus. They pick a menu item, like a burger for example, and have a portion of the sale donated to a collaborating local charity. While only have been in Meaford’s Leeky Canoe a couple of months, Jae and Sean are still organizing this program so STAY TUNED.

Jane and Sean want you to fill up at The Leeky Canoe – fill up with delicious food and drinks, AND with all the community “feels” of knowing you can gather, enjoy, be treated well, and feel like family with them and their incredible staff – who they credit for all good things they bring to you!