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Summer of Restaurants – Sheardowns

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Meaford’s Summer of Restaurants truly would not be complete without a focus on Sheardowns! 

 If you are like me, you will genuinely feel the heartbeat of the community in the Restaurants – the menus, the staff and the owner/managers. 

The Person: 

Christina at Sheardowns is a perfect example of what makes Meaford Restaurants special.  Christina is Owner, Manager and Chef at Sheardowns.  She is a two-time winner of the Meaford Dragon’s event: a Meaford Chamber of Commerce planned and sponsored event to bring together new businesses in a healthy competition for sponsorship. 

In 2022, Christina won enough sponsorship money to have a patio built to complete the Restaurant Patios on Sykes Street. 

 When you meet Christina at Sheardowns, you will see why she has been a winner of Dragons and of the community’s appetite for dining out!   

The Space: 

Sheardowns offers a wonderfully inviting, friendly and fun atmosphere.  The whole environment reflects Christina herself. A dual-dining energy is shown in the unique design of the space – relaxing and romantic wine bar on one side, full diningroom seating area on the other.  The purple walls exude charisma, while the selection of art and paintings have humour and are super conversation starters. This space says – you are not only welcome here, you are invited and encouraged to stay! 

The MmMMMMenu! 

Once you are seated in wine bar or dining room – the delights of Sheardowns is presented to you in their unique menu offerings! A superb selection of beverages accompany an UBER local flare.  Christina prides herself in changing up items on the menu to ensure in season and really local are featured…right down to Christina picking her own raspberries to be included in featured items this season! Christina’s passion is her menu. You can feel the love and joy she puts into creating each dish. It is this passion, that has Christina searching out local ingredients and making those ingredients into mouth-watering memories. Sheardowns truly has a menu to give you a farm to table vibeSheardown’s menu changes about every 3 months or so, to highlight the seasons’ selections available from local farms and growers. Christina and her staff know that their regulars love their “usuals” too, so they always have a few classics that stay all year ‘round.  

Christina also focuses on including many gluten-free, vegetarian/vegan options. She and her team work to ensure that everyone can have an amazing experience  - no matter what their diet or lifestyle requires.  

Future and Fun: 

When you ask Christina what else is in-store for Sheardown’s, she excitedly talks about SummerFest!  Christina and her team jump in with both feet when it comes to promoting the town’s special events.  You’ll find their fun videos and content for SummerFest ’23 on Facebook pages throughout the Facebook community pages including Meaford Chamber of Commerce Facebook page. This year Sheardowns will be competing in the annual Poutine-Off and there is some rumour about a Wing-off as well! 

Sheardowns has and will host another High Tea. Another special opportunity to allow residents and tourists an opportunity to socialize in a unique way in this community.  

Christina and her staff welcome you to come in to Sheadowns to experience their love of local and light hearted atmosphere, and return every season for new and exciting options to try!