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Meaford Culture Foundation

Meaford Culture Foundation
Rod McAlpine
12 Nelson St. East
N4L 1N6

In recent years, the role and scope of the Foundation within our community has expanded.  We are proud to be able to support many local arts organizations as they create and execute special projects in Meaford such as theatrical productions, musical recitals, summer camps for children and more.  While still supporting programming and capital projects at Meaford Hall, the vibrant heart of our local arts and culture scene, we are providing financial assistance through our Community Outreach programs to ensure diverse cultural programming is always part of life in Meaford.

Since its establishment in 2006 the Foundation has

  • contributed over $654,000 to Meaford Hall, in the form of capital investments and sponsorship support
  • contributed over $268,000 to cultural initiatives through its Community Outreach programs

Thanks to generous donations and sponsorship contributions from local businesses and individuals, and the success of special events we have organized, to date the Foundation has raised over $922,000, which has been put to use within our community.


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