Barbetta Orchards

Barbetta Orchards
Business Name: Barbetta Orchards
Phone: 519-538-2206
245721 Sideroad 22, RR 3
N4L 0A7

Barbetta Berry Patch has been a pick your own or we pick since 2005.  Located just west of Meaford on Hy. #26 at fire number 205731.  The raspberry season generally begins the third week in July and finishes off around the end of August.  We offer three main varieties of raspberries that start with Boyne, the first mid size red raspberry.  Secondly, the Titan variety comes in as a large red raspberry.  The last variety is Royalty, a lovely purple mid size raspberry full of flavour. The patch, when in season, opens 7 days per week from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.  We are closed on rainy days.  Children and pets are welcome but need to be monitored.  Pets must be on a leas.

You pick:  1 pint = $2.50         1 Flat (12 pints) = $28.00

We pick:   1 pint = $4.50          1 Flat (12 pints) = $52.00

Call for availability 519-538-0389

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